Precision guided, laser targeting rifle for field units in South Korea

The world is raged by war-torn cries, and we have had enough of the bloodshed. But soaked in technology, the ammunition and war gadgetry manufacturers are the least perturbed still. Hottest in pursuit is South Korea, having developed a combination gun, consisting of a rifle and grenade launcher that launches guided ammunition, which explodes mid-air over enemy lines.

laser rifle fbWSb 54
laser rifle fbWSb 54

What’s innovative:

The munitions launching ability of the rifle is what makes it different. Using a distance measuring device with embedded optical calculator, the rifle shoots a laser beam. The distance is automatically calculated, showing the target on the screen. The distance is fed into the 20mm munitions. These explode 3-4 meters above the enemy ground, but are so powerful that they can penetrate through walls, and can also kill soldiers hiding underground.

Watch this:

The 6.1kg rifle has an effective shooting range of 460-500m. We’ve heard of such technology from the developed world already, but this is the first time that it would be ready for field warfare. South Korea plans to use the state-of-the-art rifles at field units from sometime in 2009.

Via: HallyuTech / KBSWorld

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