Pillow-Talk lets long-distance lovers sleep in intimacy

Keeping a long distance affair secure is a demanding ask, as partners miss those intimate moments that make love so very special. To easy all lovers from the pain, Interaction Design Student Joanna Montgomery has developed the Pillow-Talk. The Pillow-Talk which is an Arduino-based project built using transceiver from a Polar exercise watch connects two long distance lovers via their pillows. The couple wears a chest strap and uses a pillow which glows softly to indicate that the partner has slept. The chest sensor wirelessly communicates with the other person’s pillow allowing the individuals to hear each other’s heartbeats in real-time resulting in an intimate interaction between the lovers, irrespective of the distance. To let the lovers hear each other’s heart pump, the pillows are built-in with circuits and have small speakers and lights. See how the Pillow-Talk works in the video after the jump.

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ibn u2gzg

Via: FashioningTech

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