Palm-reading mouse - Fujitsu takes PC security to another level

Scanners' role have increased over the past decade with respect to the identification agenda. Now they are not confined only to your cars and homes but their line of action has taken a wider curve giving the user a verification benefit for access to the host computer.

fujitsu palm 1
fujitsu palm 1

Fujitsu has introduced what it claims is the world's first mouse capable of scanning the pattern of veins in the user's hand. The technique involves illuminating the hand with near-infrared rays, which show up the veins against the skin, and taking a picture. The deoxidized hemoglobin held in the red blood cells within the veins absorbs the rays, so the picture shows a white hand marked with a network of black veins and then converts this photo into a digital pattern that can be compared to a records of patterns stored in the computer.

The device is ready to scan and verify as soon as the user pushes the mouse.

Via: Reghardware

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