NM Gem Triton 1000 Submarine: A perfect possession for sublime Christmas

Christmas is long yet, but your fantasies for the delightful time are already catching prime. Neiman Marcus has always delivered to our expectations at the right time, and sometime beyond that too. It has often driven our instincts way outside the realms of our zeal, helping us make our fantasies come through. Here again Neiman Marcus has come out with their Christmas catalog, an array of fantasy gifts for the season.


The list of gifts is lengthy, but there is one thing in particular that is a catch, whipped up by the folks at U.S. Submarines® - it's called the NM Gem Triton 1000 Submarine.

The under-water dream machine is ABS-certified, and caters to three-axis maneuverability, which'll give you a 360 degree view while you are 1000 feet underneath and nearing the sea bed. You can be seated on the luxury leather seats, with a joystick steering embedded with gemstones, and your Gem Triton would take you in for an adventurous under-the-sea ride.

The Gem Triton comes with a two-day training program and an hefty Price tagging of $1,440,000. You needn't be in the land of Uncle Sam to make this your possession, instead be anywhere on the globe coz U.S. Submarines provides worldwide service and replacement part for their creation.

[Acquire Mag: Source: Neiman Marcus]

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