MozillaCacheView- A better Firefox cache management solution

Firefox users who are looking for a more practical and well organized cache management solution can now have exactly what they are craving for. This comes courtesy a freeware third-party application called MozillaCacheView that enlists all the details of your Firefox cache including items like file name, content type, url, file size, modification dates and more. The utility gives user the option to display cache entries for files originating from single or multiple websites. Furthermore the user can filter the cache results specifying whether it is a video, audio or text file.


Operating system compatibility

Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows uptil Windows 98

NOTE: In order to view the latest cache files you must close down any running Firefox instances.

How to use MozillaCacheView?

# Download the MozillaCacheView files in zip format and extract them to a folder

# Copy the executable file (MozillaCacheView.exe) to any folder and run it

# Once the utility window opens it will display list of files currently stored in the cache

# To view cache of profile other than the one used last time, simply hit F9 or choose the “Select Cache Folder” option manually

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