The Move literally moves your iPhone on your clothing hasslefree

With the advent of mobile phones, one big change in our lifestyles has been the way we carry our phones, be it in pockets, bags, cuffs or on necks, phones have in all ways encroached our daily lives. More so, with the current slew of the expensive smartphones like the iPhone, that is a constant part of our lives. Carrying our phones while biking, hiking, traveling, clubbing, etc, is an issue often. To tackle this in a very innovative manner, designer duo of Jon and Lenny have tailor made " The Move" to secure the iPhone to your clothing without further trouble of losing it or signals going out.

The Move
The Move

The Move offers a unique mode of wearing the iPhone with ease and comfort without any pouches, Velcro fittings, magnetic fields, clips, etc. It is a perfect holder for your iPhone or iPod that enables you to attach your device to your clothing ensuring safety while traveling and ease of use with only the screen of your iPhone/iPod Touch visible on top of your clothing. Jonathan designer duo from Winnepeg, Canada, have designed the prototype with complete assurances that the product will ensure complete ease while vacationing, driving a car or a bike, attending a concert, spending moments with friends and family, participating in sporting events, jogging, trekking etc.

The product also assures complete access to operating without hampering activities or reducing signal reach. You can attach your iPhone 4/iPod touch to either the upper arm of your shirt or near your waist with your headphones to gain complete access to your iTunes music library and phone where ever you go, even when you are wearing dresses without pockets or aren't carrying any bags. The process of fixing the product is simple and requires only a few minutes.

All you need to do is, place the Move below the clothing you would wear and then lock your iPhone/iTouch from the top of your dress onto the inner edges of the move. Once secured, your iPhone/iTouch, is guaranteed to be stay in place no matter what you do or how you move. The designers are however awaiting collection of money to send this device for serial production. They, however, promise early shipping as soon as the collection hits $25,000. We just hope we aren't onto a Ponzi scheme here.

The MoveWear your iPhone just anywhere on your clothing.

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