Moller taking pre-orders for M400 Skycar

Moller International is finally taking pre-orders of the M400 Skycar. The dream flying machine is one of its kind personal vertical take off and landing (VTOL) vehicle that can cruise at a maximum speed of 375 MPH at 13,200 ft. Moller is waiting for FAAs approval before actually allowing you to kiss the sky literally leaving the maddening traffic and red lights behind forever. The amount deposited is refundable in case FAA doesn't approve it for sale or any other technical problems during test flights before 2008.

m400 skycar
m400 skycar

Other awesome technical specifications of the M400 Skycar read that it runs on ethanol and achieves up to 20 miles per gallon carrying four passengers at the maximum. The 2,400 lbs vehicle equips a 1,200 HP engine and emergency parachutes. According to Fahad, the estimated price of the Skycar is more than $500,000.


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