Mobile telephony concept for differently abled, features Brailles keypad

Mobile phone technology has grown by leaps and bounds, but sadly nothing much has been done to make communication easier for the differently abled. To correct this, and to provide a viable alternative to the deaf, blind and mute people, designer Serghei Tanas has come out with a new concept. This phone features a braille keypad which will enable the blind to use the phone like any other conventional phone. You even have a sensory ring with surface scanners. The large screen we assume is for the mute and the deaf, so that they can navigate easily and efficiently amidst the phone's various features. Though this phone is still a concept which hasn't even seen the prototype stage, we would love to see it in production soon as this would most definitely bring the advantages of mobile pones to people who need it the most.

brallie phone hre5b 54
brallie phone hre5b 54

brallie phone1 xeMGt 54
brallie phone1 xeMGt 54

Via: Concept-Phones

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