Minister resigns by SMS, receives acceptance from PM via SMS

If reports are taken prima-facie, the Defense Minister of Timor-Leste, Jose Ramos-Horta, will go down in history as he is the first politician to resign from the government by SMS.

Politicians seem to have been awestruck with the fascinating use of technology. Recently, a democrat in U.S. triggered off his campaign through video podcasting , now this case is stamping the trend.

What is more interesting is that the acceptance of the resignation was also confirmed by the SMS by the Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri. As of now, detailes of the SMSed text are not known. However, he had announced earlier,

I do not wish to be associated with the present government or with any government involving Mr. Alkatiri.

This incident confirmed the heavy use of Mobile phones in Asia and Europe. Timor Telecom is the only GSM service provider in the country having just over 35,000 subscriber including the Prime Minister and the former Defense Minister

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