Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel comes alive with Rubik's Cubes

A team from Cube Works Studio recreated Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel using a mind boggling 12,090 Rubik's Cubes. The team worked day in and day out to recreate this masterpiece.

sistine chapel masterpiece recreated using rubiks
sistine chapel masterpiece recreated using rubiks

11 puzzle artists worked round the clock to recreate the Sistine Chapel. Just the creation of Hand of God took more than 400 hours to create. So one can imagine how much time the entire portrait must have taken to recreate.

More than half the time was spent in creating blueprints in computer. Rest of the time they spent on figuring out how to arrange the cubes. More than 12,090 cubes were used and 108,810 pixels had to be colored and mapped in creating this version of the Sistine Chapel. The team of 11 puzzlers individually placed every piece of cube to recreate this masterpiece.

The creation took a long time and the team went through many stages to ensure that a perfect image is created. The images were first selected carefully. Then they were pixelized using a computer and after that the shading, tones and depth of each cubes were determined. Such was the eye for detailing that even the cracks in the actual paintings were incorporated in this recreation.

After it is finished, the Rubik's Cube Sistine Chapel will weigh about 50 tonnes. Creative Director of the project Josh Chalom was exceedingly happy with the work of his team. He said that he founded the Cube Works Studio in Toronto with the idea of recreating the Sistine Chapel. He also said that his idea is to get art to the masses.

About the creation of this masterpiece, he said that his team went to great length in ensuring that every cube reflects the right color.

Source: The Telegraph

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