Man climbs wall Spiderman style, courtesy homemade vacuum gloves

Look out, that guy is like “Ethan Hunt,” he’s climbing that skyscraper, your friend shouts out to you. What will be the first thing that strikes your mind? Slapping him off his daydream! But he might not be as stupid as you think, because he must have forgotten to add this, that guy was wearing "Vacuum gloves."

That sounds crazy, but Jem Stansfield climbed his way to the top of the 40m (120ft) high BBC White City building in west London, using vacuum gloves constructed out of a regular household vacuum cleaner. Well, he was secured with a safety harness tied to his back, in case he fell. Only one thing strikes my mind, how come he generates such suction power out of a "household vacuum cleaner"? Anyway, with those strings attached it was child's play. Wow, how come some people do such stupid stunts, just to get some footage? Bravo Jem, that is a gem of an invention.

Via: BBC/Geekologie

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