Magnus Opus: World’s Largest Subwoofer takes shape in Italy!

Whenever my buddies talk about really loud sound or even the one that is supposed to be really good then the word that they utter is DTS. Somehow that has almost become synonymous with great quality sound. This one though is about sound that is way out of the ordinary proportions. The world’s largest Subwoofer is taking shape in Italy and if you thought it was being held in a box that is huge and black, then you could not be more wrong!

largest subwoofer 4TA7y 7071
largest subwoofer 4TA7y 7071

Royal Device has on its own developed and built in Italy the biggest subwoofer of the world for an AUDIO/VIDEO room that can be also considered as the greatest AUDIO ROOM for private music listening of the world. The Royal Device audio room belongs to Roberto - the audio designer who made it. The audio reproduction is focused on the speaker’s output capability more than electric power output of the amplifiers with no need of power supply lines, releasing more than 110 dB/1W/1 meter sensitivity starting from below 10 Hz focused on the listening position. It is just a musical Colossal!

largest subwoofer2 wZUT5 7071
largest subwoofer2 wZUT5 7071

The Subwoofer horns are built underneath the floor in a cavity of 1 meter deep. Each horn is driven by 8 x 18" (47 cm) woofers. This is just digging up all you can to create sound that is good enough for a little town. Maybe it will be too loud for a little town. Each horn is 9.5 meters long and has a floor mouth area of 2.2 square meters and reproduces starting from 10 Hertz full power. Now if this does not fulfill your musical zest then very little else will on the planet. Next time you are in Italy maybe you can take a listen to it!


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