MAARS: Robot that dehumanizes the battlefield

Robots are gradually becoming the part and parcel of the life now-a-days. Bulk of the robots that are manufactured, are used for defense purposes. The latest in the trend is the shoot 'em up robot. The Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS) can be used for multiple missions.


Earlier this year, robots were deployed in Iraq as well as Afghanistan by Foster Miller, a robot maker. Robots equipped with Weapons are the order of the day and some defense forces are proud to have them. The MAARS system has been designed uniquely.

This system packs a M240B medium machine gun along with a spotting scope. The human controller can sit still and let the weaponrized robot take the hit several miles away. The MAARS is tremendously versatile. The tank tracks can be easily transformed to wheels and the gun mount can be replaced with mechanical IED arms.

Great isn't it! The arms are meant to assist the injured soldiers and get them out of harms way. The downside is that MAARS doesn't have its own mind. So someone still has to pull the trigger.

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