Like you friend's Facebook photo, now you can steal it

The next time if you’ll see a beautiful landscape photo (or any other photo) in your friend’s Facebook album, you can download it straight into your hard drive! PhotoGrabber is a freeware download application that can download any photo in your friends Facebook profile, to your desktop without any issues. The application is very useful when you need some photo that you just can’t do without.

photograbber for facebook photo download
photograbber for facebook photo download

After installation, PhotoGrabber will search for your friend’s uploaded pictures, then you have to select the picture(s) you like, and the picture(s) is downloaded. The picture(s) however are not going to be of the print-quality, due to Facebook’s photo compression technology.

NOTE: The photographs can be downloaded depending on the privacy settings of your friend’s Facebook profile.

The application works on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

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