LG's 71″, Plasma TV for $70,000: Who is Right, Engadget or LG?

Now this is terrible, L.G. has clearly mentioned on its site that the 71' MW-71PY10 plasma with 1920x1080p resolution in now available in the U.S. for a whopping $70,000, whereas Engadget, after scooping it out of NewLaunches, has presented it with the price tag of just $28,000.

71 plasma
71 plasma

Anyway, in stead of drooling on the matter, we'll stick to the facts and definitely you'll have to sell your house to enjoy some 71' plasma experience. Packed with L.G.'s XD Engine technology the plasma display features HDMI and DVI inputs with HDCP; multiple HD component inputs as well as composite and S-Video, RGB input for PC connectivity; P.I.P., split-zoom and twin-picture for up to a total of nine sub-windows; and 1,200:1 contrast ratio.

UPDATE: $28k is the MSRP quoted here

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