LED ECG watch, so you know your time like the heartbeat

Craving for diversity, and to make wearing a watch just an added obligation, we have the LED ECG watch. A watch that displays time in an ECG format is way too different than those fancy yet futile watches that TokyoFlash keeps popping in day after day. At first thought it seems a wearable Electrocardiogram, but to dismay, it is, but not for the medics to figure out the true projection of your heartbeat, but for you to know the time in an ECG display like your heartbeat – perhaps that’s how Andrew and I have figured. Different, we know, to the other LED watches, this LED ECG watch can be charged from the PC or laptop via USB (cable provided). Available in black with red LED display and silver with green LED display, the watch costs 25,200 yen (about $257).

led ecg watch
led ecg watch

led ecg watch 1
led ecg watch 1

Via: Rakuten

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