LED cellphone: Simple and cheap concept from Tao Ma

This LED cellphone may not be comparable to a high-end smartphone, but surely deserves a mention. That is because it seems to be the most simple and cheap in its class. It does not use LEDs for decor, but use them for all functions. There is no display or a touch screen. Only LEDs all around. The LED patterns will govern you to the necessary functions like SMS, contacts, and one can even enjoy games on it. Behind the keys, a net of touch sensors waits for your command. For power requirements, it uses two AAA batteries. The incorporated standard USB interface can charge your AAA battery as well. The designer, Tao Ma, successfully attracts a part of attention for his simple invention. Get some good pictures in the gallery below.

led cellphone Tao Mao
led cellphone Tao Mao

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LED Cellphone

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