Jindo wags its tail at Aibo's grave!

Don't worry if Sony has slaughtered its Aibo, Jindo is here to lick you up. This new touch sensitive robot dog introduced by Korean inventor Eungsang Park will definitely take advantage of Aibo's demise and soon built his own territory. They claim it to be much more sophisticated than Aibo.


In hindi, Jindo or Jinda means alive (though its a breed too) and analogous to that, Jindo can run and give you company wherever you go. It's packed with an LCD screen on its back that delivers DMB TV and allows you to surf the net or check your e-mail. You can play games on the LCD screen by spinning the tail that doubles as a joystick. A slot below takes in all your DVDs to enliven the screen with your favorite movies. It works as a cell phone too.

Sadly the inventor is still looking for somebody to churn it out for you, till then whet your appetite with your pooch.

Via: mobilemag

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