Is This The World's Largest Speaker?

The word 'Hornmassive' speaks the story itself. The picture doesn't woo me so much as its specifications. Made up of huge 2000-watt steel and aluminum and weighing 2-ton, the Hornmassive mobile horn surround system could project sound up to a notable distance of 1kms.


The Hornmassive delivers superior efficiency, range, throw and sound. I hope you are not going to take a chance of adding zing to your revelry by installing the big beast in your porch. can if your neighbors don't have any problem.

Hey you DJs! Wanna try your hands at the Hornmassive? Anyway, the baffling question that makes me scratch my head is 'Is this the world's largest speaker?' and I am fervent to know the answer. Is there anyone who could answer my question?

Source: Hornmassive

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