Iowa State’s half-robot grasps, emotes and recognizes sounds

Okay, America suddenly has a new trend. This one featuring a half-bodied robot cutting the ceremonial ribbon for the opening of Iowa State University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering building. Half-bodied because the anonymous robot developed by the Iowa State University itself, is a robot without the lower half of the body. Designed to learn procedural learning like a child or a baby animal, the robot is fixed with two Barrett Whole Arm Manipulators for arms on either side of the torso. A custom-designed head with stereo vision is placed on the bot, which functions as the main display to show the robot’s simple yet expressive emotions.

iowa state robot
iowa state robot

The hands are designed with three flexible fingers, capable of performing just about any type of grasping function. Apart from grasping and wide range of emotions, the robot’s developed an experience to identify objects from the sounds they make on touching, pushing, holding and so on. To better understand the robot and advancements in artificial intelligence, just check out the video below.

iowa robot
iowa robot

Via: Iastate/PlasticPals

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