Invisible carpet may use nanotechnology

Scientists from Imperial College of London have announced they are close to developing an invisible carpet, well almost. Though cloaking devices have been around, they usually do not provide complete invisibility where as the carpet in question can be cloaked in visible light. The carpet makes use of metamaterials, which channel light in a way that is less than the wavelength of light. This means they will have to use nanotechnology and the resulting invisibility is like a mirage. The carpet would use materials like silicon and silica, which create a physical gradient. Though the cloak is not perfect, it is an important step in making the dream of invisibility true. The concept is still in the theory stage and putting it into practice is a lot more difficult. So, one may have to wait for sometime till one is able to finally lie down on an invisible carpet.

invisibility 540x380 Kl6cg 17340
invisibility 540x380 Kl6cg 17340

Via: Discovery

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