Infrared flashlight video recorder with night vision

In case you’re planning to go on a “The Blair Witch Project” style excursion, we suggest you throw your cameras in favor of this flashlight. Since you’re going to need a flashlight anyway, “The Only Infrared Flashlight Video Recorder” is going to come in handy. The main 3-watt white LED is flanked by 17 infrared LEDs that can provide night vision for up to 13 feet. Video recording is done at 30fps, in 640x480 resolution.

infrared flash light
infrared flash light

The flashlight has 128 MB of internal memory, with room for a 2 GB mini-SD memory card, a USB port for transferring data to the PC, and an LCD display for battery, recording format, time, date, and storage capacity. Running on three C batteries, the flashlight can record videos for an hour, or work as a simple flashlight for 3 hours. It is priced at $399.95.

Via: Hammacher Schlemmer

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