In fight against terror, researchers developing air bag armor

Spoofs are easy to come by in the internet age. But we trust these lads over at Defense Tech, and in faith, we believe when they reveal that "David Woroner of Survival Consultants International has designed a system that uses high-tech air bags to absorb the blast of a roadside bomb." Roadside bombs blowing off the best equipped patrolling vehicles are a common site in war zones and terrorist occupied regions – killing lodgers off related shock and/or traumatic brain injuries. Even the best armored vehicles have no defense against this uncertainty, because it is rapid and leaves no time to react.

air bag armor
air bag armor

Because it isn’t easy to detect the blast wave effect, the system (still) in the works is being devised on understanding of light - supposedly the only thing that moves faster than the blast waves. Though nothing specific is revealed about the ballistic protection system, it is mentioned that the protection layer, with sensing at light speed, can negotiate against overpressure and shrapnel emitted by the blast. Jump below to see an animation of the system to give you a better idea of how it works.

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