Humans and Machines To Merge by 2020

It is perhaps the most heartening news in the quest for bridging the gap between ‘real’ and ‘virtual’. Movies such as Minority Report have surely set high expectations about computers interacting with us on a ‘human’ level. And, the Matrix saga took cybernetic intelligence to a whole new level. In a recent report, academics have predicted that computers and humans are destined to merge by 2020. In other words, we will be communicating with the machines not through keyboards and mice, but through our mind. For skeptics, remember that the world has already seen machines driven by the human mind. Envisage a world where you can access files embedded into your head. It would be possible for people to remain 'wired' to information all day. Although it sounds cool, it may also lead to dependency on the machines. For all you know, the ‘Judgment Day’ could translate to reality someday. If it isn’t a worry, ‘techno-dependency’ isn’t a bad thing after all. ‘Are you ready to welcome the future?’, That’s as much I can do to sound like Morpheus, ahem!

female cyborg
female cyborg

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