Humanoid baby robot, iCub: Praiseworthy endeavor for a talkative kid

The researchers at the University of Plymouth are all set to work upon a humanoid looking baby robot named iCub. Some would presume it to be a beast, but there is one thing deserving mention that it is more like the robots in the flick IRobot. As per the features, it is 1m (3 ft.) in height, that’s why it is called iCub. It has become a centre of attraction among the researchers. Over the next four years, robotic experts have planned to work with the iCub and they will help the robot to learn how to 'think and talk'. Exclusively for this purpose, they’ll take the help of Language Development Specialists who teach and research on how parents make children speak through incessant practice. The other part of the research take account of the experiments carried out on the iCub that consist of inserting objects of different shapes and sizes into the analogous holes positioned in a box and mounded wooden blocks. So, the day is nearing when the robot will become smarter than humans. It’s a praiseworthy move and we should acknowledge it with delight.

icub robot
icub robot

Source: Ployer

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