How to resize an image in MS paint

Microsoft paint is also known as MS Paint. Microsoft Paint is an inbuilt program in Windows operating system, distributed

by Microsoft. This is an easy to learn painting tool with which you can create and edit images. Editing includes correction

of an image colors, adding texture, shapes and resizing an image. Image can be resized partially or fully. A picture can be

resized using the stretch or skew options. Often, images with high quality results in larger file size. Images with smaller

file size are preferable since they are faster to upload. We can use the resize option in MS Paint to resize the image size

as well as the file size of a large picture. Learn how to resize an image by following this easy set of instructions:


Complexity Level: Basic

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Estimated Costs: Nil

Resources Required:

  1. Microsoft Windows Operating System
  2. MS Paint


1. Locate Microsoft Paint

  • Click on the Start Menu on the task bar. Locate "All Programs" option and click on Accessories. Look for Paint program icon and click on it. This will launch or open the MS Paint program.

2. Open the image file

  • Locate and click on File > Open option. MS Paint will launch a dialog box where you can search and locate your image file stored on the hard disk.

  • Open locating point to the image file and double click to open the image.

3. Resize the image

  • Once the file is loaded in MS Paint, check the current size of the image. Locate and click on Image > Attributes option. Width and height of the picture will be shown in pixels. This info will give you a fair idea of how to resize the picture with respect to the original size of the image.

  • To start resizing the image, click on Image > Stretch and Skew option. This will launch the Stretch and Skew dialog box. You will notice two sections - Stretch and the Skew section. In the Stretch section, define the horizontal and vertical percentage of the image that needs to be resized. The aspect ratio of horizontal and vertical percentage values should be maintained. Define EQUAL/SAME value in the horizontal and vertical percentage box. Click on OK once the values have been defined. You will see the resized image.
  • You can undo the operation by pressing Ctrl+Z to regain back the original size of the image. You may have to repeat the steps until you get the right size of the image.

4. Save the resized image

  • Save your resized image file by clicking File > Save as option. MS Paint will prompt you with the original file name. You may use the same name or rename the file with an appropriate name. Ensure to select "Save as type" as JPEG. JPEG files are compressed and make the size of the file smaller.

  • Click on Save button. You will now have an image much smaller in size which is appropriate for uploading.

Frequently asked questions:

Are there any shortcuts to launch MS Paint?

Go to Start Menu > Run prompt and type "pbrush" to launch the program. If you are using Windows 7, then type "paint".

Can I resize any type of image?

Currently, MS paint supports .bmp, .jpg, .tif, .gif, .png type of files.

Can I resize the image using the image resize handles?

You can use the handles to reduce or crop the image from right hand side and bottom of the image. The percentage will not be proportional. Aspect ratio should be maintained and this is best achieved by defining the percentage in the Sketch/Skew dialog box.

Quick Tips:

1. You can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E to launch the attributes dialog box instead of clicking on Image>Attributes option.

2. Resizing a small picture to a large one may distort the image. Also, resizing a large picture to a very small image also may distort the image quality.

3. You can use keyboard short cut Ctrl+W to launch the Stretch/Skew dialog box instead of clicking Image>Stretch/Skew option.

4. To select the entire image, click on Edit>Select option on simply press Ctrl+A.

5. The aspect ratio of the image will be incorrect if you give unequal horizontal and vertical percentage values. This may

result in image distortion.

Things to watch out for:

1. Once the file has been resized, always use Save As option to avoid overwriting the old image with the new one. Change the name of the resized image.

2. The visual quality is seen slightly reduced when you resize the image.

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