HOW TO make your own cell phone

Crack it! Can we really do it? You must be thinking where the hell was this buried up till now? But folks, you've to a real geek to churn it out. And would you really like to shell out $400 for a handful of microchips and a circuit diagram to build your own

own cell phone
own cell phone

cell phone with sleeker phones thronging the market for half the price?

But mind it you just can't stop the geeks regardless of all troubles. There are a few of them constantly working on the project to make the first practical home-made cell phone a reality. They want to combat and tackle the software platform, which is the most critical part, and carve out an out of the blue phone with custom made innovative features which you'll dream of but hardly find in the currently available phones.

To make your own tailored phone just put in a microprocessor, running the open-source Linux operating system, a speaker and microphone, screen, battery and keypad. Though these may swallow the battery in just half an hour you cannot imagine the variety of modules you can add to it such as 'radio frequency identification (RFID) readers to scan the increasingly widespread wireless ID chips, or GPS units so that a phone knows exactly where it is.'

You won't get these facilities in ready phones and especially when you don't have to pay for your own GPS unit it seems tasty. The only snag in the process these geeks are facing is in writing new applications but it too offers a plethora of options, not easy to crack, but possible.

You can share the wiring diagrams, if you've one of your own, here on

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