How to create folders in google docs

Google docs is a free and user friendly web based application from Google that offers word processing, spreadsheet maintenance along with transitions. This application is easy to manipulate and people use it to publish documents over the net. Google docs offers you to insert and use formulae in the spreadsheet just the way you use it in Microsoft Excel. The application even allows converting the documents into desired format for multiple publishing. You can collaborate over the net and even chat with similar other collaborators, if you find difficulty using the application try accessing the Help file. Read the steps given below to find out how to create folders in Google docs.

Complexity level: Basic

Time required: 2 to 3 minutes

Resources required:

1. A computer system

2. Internet connectivity

3. Web Browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

4. A Google account to access Google docs.


1. Create a Google account:

  • The initial step to access Google docs is to possess a Google account. Perhaps you already access your mails through a Google account. You can use Google docs with your existing Google account or create a new one. However, this step explains how you can create a Google account if you do not have any. Log in to the web browser and go to Sign up for a new account with your desired log-in name and a password to access it.
2. Log in to Google docs:

  • Once you are ready with your Google account, head to Google docs and log in with your user name and password.
  • If you are new to Google accounts, click on Get Started to create a new account and access it.
3. Creating folders in Google docs:

  • You can create folders in Google docs just like you do in your computer to save your files and necessary documents. Just click on the New button on the respective Menu bar in Google docs and select Folders to obtain a new folder to save your Google docs’ files.
4. Configuring the New Folder:

  • Once you select the option of New Folder, your screen will be directed to the New folder window from where you can make the necessary changes like changing the name of the folder etc.
  • As the letters get highlighted, type in to change the name of the newly created folder.
5. Saving files to folders in Google docs:

  • You can save your Google docs files in the folders you create. To save, select “Add to Folder” button and there you find your particular file getting saved in the respective folder you desire. It is very easy to use and access once you log in.
Frequently asked Questions:

1. Is there any way to create subfolders in Google docs?

You can obviously create sub-folders inside a particular folder in Google docs. You just need to select the respective folder and click on “Create New” option. This is where you can select and achieve a sub-folder inside your desired folder.

2. Is there any way to print documents in Google docs?

Google docs is an incredible user friendly net based application and it allows you to print documents that you create and save in your desired folders. All you need to do is choose the “Print” option available on the right hand side of the respective document. You will be directed to the document printing wizard from where you can obtain a print out of your respective document.

Quick tips:

  • In order to obtain a PDF form of the respective Google docs’ document, just click on File button on the Menu bar and select “Export as PDF”. Your document will be directly exported in PDF format.
  • You can click on the “Check Spelling” link to make the necessary spelling corrections to the document you create.
Things to watch out for:

It is a good idea to share a copy of the respective document for which you allow access to others for editing and using your document.

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