How to convert PDF to PowerPoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is the most convenient tool for business as well as academic presentations, so much so that the term Powerpoint has become synonymous with presentations. PDF or the Portable Document Format on the other hand is a file format created by Adobe Systems. While pdf is a preferred format because of its easy sharing ability, its non-editable, read-only feature renders it useless at certain times. For instance, if you need to edit the images or diagrams, you will have to individually extract each image from a PDF file to PPT via the print screen procedure, which is tedious in case of multiple images or diagrams. And in case of text, even for a minute change, you will have to recreate the entire material. Thus, converting the file format becomes necessary to save effort and time. Besides, PowerPoint is more flexible in terms of content personalization, like insertion of graphics, audio etc.

Complexity level: Basic

Time required: 4–8 minutes

Estimated cost: Nil

Resources required:

1. Computer

2. PDF converter

3. PDF file

4. Microsoft power point


1. For Windows: Conversion of a pdf file to PowerpPoint in Windows is simple. You need to follow these steps:

a. Download a PDF to power point converter. Double click File and follow the instructions of the installation wizard to install it.

b. Double click the shortcut of PDF to PowerPoint Converter on your desktop to launch it.

c. Click the Add Files button above the panel to add files for conversion. Alternatively, you can directly drag desired PDF files into the panel. You can use batch processing which will help you to process 200 files simultaneously.

d. If PDF files are protected by password, click on the lock icon and enter the password for conversion.

e. Choose the number of pages you want to convert by clicking on the Select Pages button and typing the page numbers.

f. Save the file in the source file folder by choosing Save in the same folder option under Output Setting. Or you can select Customize and save it at your desired destination.

g. Finally, click on the Convert button below the panel to start conversion.

2. For Mac: For conversion in Mac, there are free converter softwares available online. You can convert multiple files and you can select the page range of a pdf file you want to convert. You need to follow these simple steps for conversion :

a. Download pdf converter for mac.

b. Double click to install the software and launch the program on your Mac.

c. In the Menu Bar, click Choose File, then Add PDF Files to browse your system and select the PDF files. Else, you can directly drag and drop the PDF files to be converted in the panel.

d. Set the destination folder of the converted file by choosing PDF to Powerpoint->Preferences.

e. To customize the page range to be converted, select File-> Output Setting->File Configuration in the menu bar, or click on the gear icon beside the PowerPoint icon.

f. Finally, click the Convert button which starts the conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What to do in case converted PowerPoint does not retain the formatting?

This happens if your PDF file is protected. You should be a legitimate user for converting password-protected files. In case the PDF file is password protected, you will first need to remove the password with the help of adobe pro and then convert your file.

2. I can't open the converted file. On clicking the file I am getting an error notification "unable to launch Microsoft PowerPoint". Why?

This is because your Microsoft PowerPoint has not been installed properly. You need to remove and reinstall MS Office.

3. How do I uninstall the PDF to PPT Converter?

Go to Control Panel , Click on Add or Remove Programs. You will get a list of all the programs installed in your system. Select the converter software from the list and click on Remove.

Quick tips:

1. For Windows, while installing the Converter software, check the Add to shortcut menu checkbox. There is a shortcut for converting a single pdf file without starting the main interface. Right click on the pdf file you need to convert and you will get an option Convert with AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint on the shortcut menu.

2. You should always have backup for the files you are converting.

Things to watch out for:

  1. Make sure you are saving all the data while converting the files.

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