High-tech iCache credit card: One card to replace all others

A wallet stacked with an array of credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards is not a new thing to a business person. How about replacing all those cards with a single small electronic device? Sounds cool! Now, you can do the same into a lightweight, compact, and skinny electronic device called iCache.

icache 48
icache 48

Put forth by Massachusetts company, iCache has the ability to store credit card, debit card, loyalty, club card information, scan your fingerprint, and dial up your card. You can access the different services through bar codes on the device and this device will emulate any card you have. A generic magnetic stripped plastic card inside the iCache becomes your specific card. When you need any specific card, you simply need to scroll through the varied choices. The info printed out onto the card gets wiped off after 10 minutes of usage. Isn't that enticing and cool too?

Moreover, there is no info encryption as it just requires a finger scan and it's easy to replace if lost. Unfortunately, this no info on the pricing or street date of the iCache, the universal card.

Via: Kttc

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