Hasbro launches I-CY Penguin to chill with I-Dog

Hasbro, an American toy & game company, and one of the largest toy makers in the world, has lauched the world's awesomest and potentially most pointless audio accessory ever, the I-CY Penguin. Coming in March 2007, I-CY, the performing penguin will be welcomed in to I-Dog / I-Cat / I-Dog Pup / I-Fish family.

chill with i dog 38
chill with i dog 38

The I-CY Penguin, besides waddling and flapping his flippers to your tunes, is also able to communicate its moods all through random blinking light patterns, musical riffs, movements and squawks, but watch out - flick its tail, and it won't be happy! Plug in and chill out with I-CY for just $19.99


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