Guardian Robot reacts according to your friends' tweets

Robotics is a challenge and guys have taken it on them to get the ingenuity of the bots to interpret the world of social networking to us. Clubbing a robot to get some mechanical touch to the wordy messages we read across our Twitter profile, a developer has got the Guardian Robot to our desks. The cute little fellow standing on your table doesn’t reply to your tweets, however, it is a great companion who understands the happy and sad emotions of your friend’s tweets and then reading them through a specially designed program, responds back.

guardian robot twitter rector
guardian robot twitter rector

The robot raises its head and arm in triumph, in case of a happy message and waits for a high-5 from you, which is possible by pushing the switch in its raised hand. The robot, however, lowers its head in despair when the message it reads is sad and only cheers up with a hug from you. Video after the jump.

Connected to the Arduino board which is connected to a computer via USB, the robot is made using a servo to rotate the arm, with another to lower the head. The bot’s belly has a microswitch to detect hugs and another on the hand to detect high-5s. An interesting concept indeed, the bot can be programmed further for some other routines, including replying to the tweets, that’ll make the entire social scenario more mechanically exciting.

Via: Guardian

Video: Vimeo

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