GPS-enabled SL3 warns drivers against all road threats

In order to minimize, or to an extent keep a check on driver’s unintended traffic violations that often result in accidents, Cobra Electronics has delivered the SL3, a standalone GPS safety camera locator with AURA Camera and Driving Hazards Database. This GPS-enabled device warns drivers against all road threats including any approaching red light cameras, speed cameras or any caution areas.

gps enabled sl3
gps enabled sl3

Helping the drivers with indication of what’s ahead, the SL3 uses LED lights and tones to alert drivers of the potential dangers well in advance irrespective of the speed they are travelling in. The GPS safety locator can be connected to a PC via USB to sync the important intersection alerts, the user has an option to add up to 1,000 location-based alerts himself too. Available for $99.95, the GPS-enabled SL3 is updated every 12hrs by the company, and currently Cobra is offering a year of free location updates.

Via: Cobra/BestStuff

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