GPS bracelet offers tracking and monitoring of cognitive dysfunctional patients

The one factor that caregivers or family members of people suffering from cognitive dysfunction are afraid of is losing track of their whereabouts in day-to-day life. Many times the missing news of persons suffering from autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other such brain disorders, ends with finding their corpse, caused by wandering away and making deathly slip-ups in their cloudy mind. To ease the burden, US based Adiant Solutions has come forward with a new GPS tracking device that is cheaper as well as effective in more ways than one.

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ibn qu9br

Apart from support and encouragement, family members of patients suffering from cognitive dysfunction can now depend on the S-911 GPS tracking bracelet for keeping their loved ones within bounds. The gadget which looks a little bigger than a wristwatch can also help tracking and monitoring on other fields of law enforcement and transportation. It sends alerts through computer and mobile phones to local or distant family members the moment the particular person steps out of the pre-designed geo-fence. The geo-fence is drawn up by concerned members on online satellite photo map and the moment the tracker spots any change from vertical to horizontal position, it automatically sends out warning signals. Any number of people can keep track of the geo fence and receive updates every 3 to 30 seconds as desired.

In times of need, however, the patient can also call for assistance by pressing the SOS button embedded in the device. The button triggers a quick call to a predetermined emergency cell number and the patient can directly talk to the called person as on a phone. Similarly, when geo-fences are crossed over person from that cell phone can always call back the patient to alert him. Such a call is automatically answered after the third ring and the person can give directions over the speaker directly to the patient to reach back home.

The initial cost of the S-911 bracelet is $495 and a monthly service fee of $59.95 includes access to the web site controls through which concerned members can establish geo-fence parameters, emergency phone numbers, primary physician information and access real-time GPS monitoring.

Via: Adiant Solutions

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