Get ready for cybernetic fun with mind-controlled Nerf gun

The Hasbro owned Nerf Stampede is the hottest toy in the market of mind-controlled guns. Using cybernetic technology: combination of hardware and software such as BlueSMIRF Bluetooth module, Arduino Uno and NeuroSky MindSet EEG set, mind can be made to control the firing. Now, one's thoughts can fire weapons using mind bullets.

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Nerf MindBullets hardware set up opens up the possibilities. Arduino serves as the interface between stampede gun and a NeuroSky EEG brainwave reader. When added a microcontroller and external power supply option to the above set up, the magic begins. The NeuroSky can read brainwave frequencies, equipped with programmability and hacking it feeds mental state information. The attention and meditation aspects of brain are calculated using chip in the device.

The MindWave and The MindSet are the two prominent NeuroSky devices widely available. MindSet has inbuilt Bluetooth and is suitable for desktop settings. The new ArduinoUno uses ATmega8U2 chip for faster transfer rates. The communication with Bluetooth module can be done using either the built-in serial library or the NewSoft Serial library. Blue SMiRF is a Bluetooth modem with extremely small radio, operates in WiFi and Zigbee environments, and comes with a built-in antenna.

Nerf’s new Stampede comes with a faceplate however; it needs external power and an additional automatic firing source for the ultimate experience. The input/output devices run at 5V. Additional parts that are required include Breadboard and Jumper Wires supplied by Sparkfun or Makershed. The BlueSMiRF status light blinks rapidly to indicate that everything is connected well after all software and hardware are connected.

Parker Brothers created Nerf (Non-Expanding Recreational Foam) toy brand which has Blasters, SuperSoaker and Lazer as currently marketed products. Thus, the imagination is captivated using forehead mounted sensor to drive machines with mind when the internet is connected to brain using high-end cybernetic technology for firing mind bullets. The mind blowing virtual entertainment can cost up to $330 according to hex-machina.

Via: Hex-Machina/Make

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