Gesture-controlled Toshiba AirSwing to transform digital signage

Well, gesture controlled world is far from near still, but we geeks keep ourselves stuffed to the core boasting on the prototypes we see popping up with almost each passing day. That aside, something near-real comes our way in the AirSwing concept from Toshiba, this courtesy, who managed to get personal with the gesture-based User Interface of the concept. We learn that the interface runs on 4% processing power of the 400MHz ARM 11 processor, and the system starts the gesturing act using a standard webcam only – something that’ll limit the AirSwing to the pockets of the masses.

toshiba airswing
toshiba airswing

To brief on the AirSwing’s working Evan Selleck of SlashGear writes:

The UI puts a transparent image of yourself onto your screen, and from there it will display a menu and some content that you can manipulate. From there, you’ll be able to move your transparent self around the screen, where you’ll be able to interact with what’s there just by simple gestures, like flicking through pictures in a photo gallery.

There isn’t a word on when and at what price we can expect the concept for, but we read that Toshiba’s AirSwing will be made available only for advertising and the like. So the common consumer can still wait longer for the experience coming home for real.

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