Gamers’ vision intact: Wink Glasses for forced blinking

If gaming for sessions longer than days together is your passion, I know you must have screwed your eyes by now. Staring with eyes wide open into the HD screen does strain the eye, but you wouldn’t give up before you’ve killed all the predators and taken a safe hideout. If you’re vision is still fine, somehow, preserve it with the Wink Glasses. These glasses with imbedded sensors, detect how long you have gone without a blink, if it goes over a five second mark, a foggy scenario will be created on the glass panels blurring your vision until you’ve blinked again. This cool $150 mechanism will be available in Japan from August 10th. Charged via USB, the Wink Glasses support eight-hour durability on a single refuel, gamers should find that less, but… just blink and avoid strain, you might just not need them at all.

wink glasses
wink glasses

Via: Dvice/Gizmodo

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