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This piece of machinery will surely get many Apple aficionados (along with more the 'plain and simple' gadget enthusiasts) to go gaga over its state of the art, bordering nigh close to sci-fi attributes. But before we are struck by some pleasant gizmo oriented reverie, this totally conceptual design shows what a futuristic iteration of our much beloved iPhone (not iPhone 5 in our book) will perhaps be like.

A futuristic iPhone
A futuristic iPhone

The whole highfalutin concept was contrived by Aatma Studios. Their tantalizing design showcases an ultra-thin form draped in sultry black. The big screen almost extends to all the four corners of the ubiquitously chamfered rectangle. Now, this conspicuous thinness might allude to the slenderness (and associated lightness) promised by the iPhone5. But in a cruel twist of irony, some users may find this 'fine-ness' to be too much unwieldy for daily usage.The other two primary attributes seem to be even more advanced that just the slim bearing. The gaunt phone will exhibit a full fledged laser keyboard that can literally be drawn on to the table, on which the contraption is kept. This fully functional laser projection of the keyboard can also be enlarged, rotated and minimized for optimum user comfort. The other option includes a holographic display that can be triggered from the phone screen. This flexible display mechanism can also be adjusted to alter the projected screen size.

So, all in all, we have a plethora of fascinating (if not strictly novel) features in a single petite smartphone. Now, the question that may arise is - are all of these credible? Our answer is vehemently yes, but perhaps not in the very next iteration of iPhone. So, after acquainting yourself with the saying 'there is always hope' in your mind, do not forget to gleefully gawk at the incredible video.

A 'very' futuristic version of iPhoneA pristine form fused with a myriad of features

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