Futuristic lip reading tech will let you speak soundless on the phone

Displayed at CeBit was this rather impressive futuristic technology which visions to transform lip movement into a computer-generated voice for the listener on the other side of a telephonic conversation. Developed by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, it is a technique “that enables people to speak soundlessly and still to be understood by the conversation partner”.

soundless telephonic conversation
soundless telephonic conversation

For the purpose of conversion of soundless voice into understandable speech, developers have used electromyography, which is recording of electrical pulses generated by muscular movements during speaking and then converting the same into speech. Currently the technology is being tested with electrodes on the skin, which over time may find place in the cellphones themselves.

This technology is a great opportunity for people, who have lost their speaking power, to now express themselves over the phone to their kith and kin. This technology on the other hand would also facilitate conversation in ‘do not disturb areas’ and for conveying secret messages. And terrorists will have other projects in mind.

Via: RedOrbit/Textually

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