Fujitsu unveils next-generation color e-paper technology

Fujitsu showed off this prototype ePaper book reader at CEATEC, which is most notable for its capability of displaying 4096 colors.


That's good! The current commercial ePaper products are all grayscale-but the pixel density is also important for legibility; I'm not sure that 768 x 1024 pixels in an eight-inch screen is enough.

Fujitsu's e-paper boasts flexibility, low weight and energy consumption and color displays.

E-paper holds the promise of becoming a truly versatile medium that is lightweight, portable and low-power. It is easier on the eyes than regular LCD or CRT screens because it is viewed with reflected light and not backlighting or light emissions.

Since, it is bi-stable, power is used only to change the display content. The image is preserved when the power is off, so the device is very energy-efficient. click the link below for pictures.

Via: Gizmag

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