Frog Vision's Futuristic Cyber Suit keeps you safe down dark lanes

Intelligent clothing is without doubt poised for dramatic consumer growth. Smart fabrics and wearable electronics seem to be the future of clothing. Check out the ingenious Personal Force Field Suit from Frog Design. Weaving conductive filaments into fabric Frog Vision’s concept clothing can provide power to gadgets by just slipping the devices into pockets. That sounds great! This smart, futuristic track suit not only charges all your gadgets, but act as personal force field to protect you.

Personal Force Field Suit
Personal Force Field Suit

It senses your nervousness, monitors your heart rate and anxiety levels and automatically knows when to power-up its protection system. The electrical forcefield has the power enough to daze an attacker. All you need is to waer this track suit and it will instantly start generating electricity. Micro generators embedded in the seams turn your movements into power, which could easily charge your cellphone or PMP. The best thing is that the cyber-suit can discharge its power at any time, creating a shell of electricity and forming a personal forcefield to keep you safe on the move.

via TrendHunter / Gadgettastic

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