FogSHIELD Security Fogger: A novel idea to prevent thefts

FogSHIELD, a new innovation from ShatterGARD Inc. will make burglars take to their heels at the blink of an eyelid. Any attempt to thieve will trigger off an alarm and a series of sensors that will lead to the emission of a thick but harmless jet of fog that will blind the burglar's vision. If there is anything that the poor burglar will stand to gain, it will be the whiff of mint coming from the fog that is emitted. The fog will envelope 2000 sq. feet within 15 seconds and will last up to 45 minutes and disappear without leaving any residue.

fog 2196
fog 2196

fogshield 2196
fogshield 2196

The fog is emitted via a cartridge connected to an internal heat exchanger. It is a mixture of water and glycol that gets vaporized to a dry, colorless and harmless non-toxic fog when coming out of the cartridge. Each cartridge has a lifetime of 5 years and contains fog that will last for 15 ejections.

According to ShatterGARD, Inc.'s CEO, Jordan Frankel:

When you consider that average law enforcement response time is around 20 minutes, it becomes glaringly easy to understand how a burglar can steal thousands of dollars in valuables in that time frame. In comparison, FogSHIELD responds automatically, stopping a burglar in their tracks within 2-3 seconds of entry. Working in conjunction with an alarm system, FogSHIELD provides an immediate response to a home or business burglary and prevents additional crimes before they can occur. Relying solely on an alarm system leaves property owners susceptible to burglary costs that could bankrupt some smaller businesses. FogSHIELD is a safe and effective alarm system enhancement that provides an invaluable extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Jeff Dingle, a security expert, reinforced on Frankel's statements:

The concept behind FogSHIELD is straightforward - a burglar cannot steal, damage or harm what cannot be seen. Alarm systems are a necessary and beneficial method for protecting one's home or business. But adding a product such as FogSHIELD significantly decreases the chances of property damage or theft above and beyond the safety provided by a basic alarm system.

Well then burglars, a foggy future stares at you!

Via: Business Wire

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