Finally a hack that makes a conventional cell phone completely solar powered

Yes, the finish might quite not be there, but the above pictured conception (read hack) more than makes up for by its novelty and more importantly practicality. Basically a user (Paulie1982) has managed to incorporate solar cells on the back portion of an old smart phone, by carving out a specific dimension. The cells were acquired from two solar landscaping lights and they were fixed to this carved back part by using black silicone sealant.

Solar powered cellphone
Solar powered cellphone

According to the 'hacker', each solar cell component can generate 3 V of charge, while the cumulative effect can produce well over the 5 V required by a conventional cell phone charging. But on the other hand there can be two main problems associated with this otherwise ingenious hack. First, there is no supplementary normal electric outlet for traditional method of charging. And second as solar power would be the sole energy source, the phone can get too much heated in continuous sunlight (as is the case with regular mobile phones).

Anyway, more circuitry improvements (again read hacks) are always going to crop up on this new pioneering DIY contraption. And, at the end of the day we only hope to see more of such convenient hacks that can adroitly come into our daily usage.

Solar powered cellphoneMaking an old cellphone to run on solar-power

Source: HackaDay

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