Fiber optic light glove for non-shadow working light

Tilen Sepic of Slovenia has conceptualized this fiber optic light glove that offers a non-shadow working area when the light beam is focused on an object. The light system comprises a wristband that houses a battery pack, and the light glove with white LEDs. The emission of the light actually originates at the wrist and is transferred either to the bottom part of the glove or the edge of the index finger with the help of optical fibers. Depending on whether you need diffused working light(bottom part of the glove) or spotlight (index finger), the location can be alternated. Apparently, the best non-shadow light is obtained when the gloves are worn on both hands.

fiber optical glove1 BFcef 54
fiber optical glove1 BFcef 54

r6 fiber optics light glove db 6b37l 3342
r6 fiber optics light glove db 6b37l 3342

Via Designboom

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