Fastest camera in the world developed with STEAM

It's all about developing gadgets that do the routine things quicker than all their contemporaries that make them special. I found the 3D image capturer form Fuji Films a very novel idea and thought the conventional 2D digital cameras were headed for the bin. My bad! There is still scope in the 2D world and that is for the speed with which an image can be captured. Scientists have developed the world's fastest camera capable of capturing 6.1 million pictures in a single second and that too, bringing into use only a single detector. This discovery could serve as a medical boon in situations where blood flow needs to be examined for the diseased cells.

fastest camera
fastest camera

The difference is brought about with the use of STEAM (Serial Time-Encoded Amplified imaging) that influences a set of laser pulses that contain a colossal range of colors relayed in a very small time. It is not just the variety of colors available, what makes this technology successful is the consistency of the color pattern. The rest of this technology then focuses on color separation depending on the darker and lighter sections of an image. Video after the jump.

Interestingly, it has already been hailed as the fastest camera in the world and there is still scope for further development on the project. The scientists believe that it could eventually capture 10 million images per second. The team of scientists is also keen on precision, as they intend to capture the rarest cells in a blood stem. There is also scope for incorporating 3D image capturing technology for which the pixel count would have to be improved.

Via: BBC

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