Face off: iPad vs iPad 2, marking out the differences

Steve jobs finally unveiled the iPad 2 yesterday at the Yerba Buena Center, USA and cleared many doubts of the reviewers. Apple team is proud about its latest innovation but the customers really want to know that the iPad 2 is really an upgrade or not. The challenge before us is to compare both the Apple products – iPad and iPad 2. iPad 2 is having many improvements like 2 front and rear facing cameras, Face Time application, iMovie and 3G connectivity possible with Verizon wireless. But are these specs tough enough to stand against iPad which sold 15 million products last year, lets find it out by squaring off the two face to face. Cameras The absence of camera is the main criticism of Apple iPad because of which it lost points in many reviews. iPad 2 is having a front and rear facing camera which can take images at 1080p and videos at 720p. A FaceTime video-chatting technology and an application called iMovie is also there for editing the videos. There is no doubt that iPad 2 is a clear victor here. Winner: iPad 2 Processor Steve Jobs and Apple team has tremendously improvised the processor of Apple iPad 2 for the additional Mac programs like: iMovie and Garageband. IPad is having a 1 GHz A4 whereas 1 GHz A5 dual core processor is being in iPad 2. This means that the Apple fan boy would be having access to more advanced games now. Since iPad 2 is having a more sophisticated processor the advantage must be given to it. Winner: iPad 2 Exterior iPad was a very bulky and heavy tablet, with Wi-Fi and 3G facility it weighs 730 grams on the other hand iPad 2 is very slim and lightweight version of iPad. With Wi-Fi the iPad 2 weighs just 613 grams. In size also iPad 2 is 5mm slimmer than the normal iPad. Since iPad 2 is more easy to be carried anywhere, the edge in this category shall be given to it. Winner: iPad 2 Gyroscope iPad is lacking a gyroscope which make the games and apps much more faster. iPad 2 is having a gyroscope which give an amazing gaming and browsing experience. Winner: iPad 2 Display iPad 2 packs a dubbed smartcover and segmented display to counter the screen scratch issues which haunted the iPad. Not only this the iPad 2 would be available in number of colors also. The iPad responds to the external moments and it can also be placed on a mini stand. Winner: iPad 2 Specifications of the iPad and iPad 2 at a glance

ipad vs ipad 2
ipad vs ipad 2
The verdict It is a clear victory for iPad2 as it is an upgraded and sophisticated version than iPad. iPad has lost points in each and every spec category. The new Apple iPad 2 will be a challenge even before Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Its an ultrasleek and ultralight tab with iOS 4.3 operating system running on A5 dual core processor sponsoring 10000's of applications. There are some minor things missing from the new Pad like Retina display and Flash support- which are still a challenge before iPad 2. We can expect these minor issues to be rectified in iPad 3.


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