Eyeborg project to put eye-socket camera into filmmaker’s eye

Cyborgs have been an unbounded craze with most of us here. No matter how guys around the world have played with the expression – be it building cyborg insects and animals or replacing and fitting cameras and other mechanical devices into the human frame, we have never tried anything of the sort ourselves. But that’s for us; there are gutsy players like this Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence, 36, who intends to mount a mini camera into his prosthetic eye in order to document for the cause of increasing awareness about surveillance cameras.

eyeborg project
eyeborg project

Termed the Project Eyeborg, it has not been a real success to begin with, as Spence couldn’t connect the camera to his nerves or brain, when he had to attend a media conference in Brussels. The idea, however, is being worked upon very diligently, and Spence refuses to use this surveillance against the privacy laws – could this be a call for cyborg humans invading soon?

Via: Reuters

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