Eye-Lock: A technology to secure passwords using iris-scanning

An iris scanning technology to securely get into your social networking sites, e-mails and bank accounts comes in. The technology developed by the New York based biometric security firm Hoyos Group comes up in form of a USB drive. The device has to be connected with a personal computer via USB port. On showing your eye to the wand-like scanner, it will decode your unique identification to access to any of your online IDs, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, PayPal or a bank account.

iris scanning
iris scanning

The Hoyos Group has named its innovative technology as Eye-Lock. The portable eye scanner is about the size of a standard business card and with the weight of four ounces. Thanks to the technology, you may not have to remember and type the password for your important online accounts like Facebook, Twitter and a bank account. An eye contact with the device will automatically bring open your password-protected accounts on your computer screen.

According to Hoyos, the company has used cutting-edge technology to design the marvelous scanner. The device will read iris of a user and create a unique numerical key, which will change every time one logs in to his/her account. That means there is no possibility for hacking of password. It steps up online security manifold, says Tracy Hoyos, Hoyos Group’s assistant marketing director.

The company says that iris identification is more secure than the fingertip technology, which is already in use widely. The fingertip has around 18 unique points, while iris instead has 2,000 points. It increases the security level. The Hoyos Group’s Eye-Lock has been priced at $99. The company, however, has not yet set a release date for the product. It may soon be announced.

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