EPOS-lite : a cash register with touch interface and built-in menu

EPOS-lite is a cash register with a touch interface and a built-in menu. It eliminates the need for a separate menu card with pricing details, and also makes it easier for the eatery to update the menu, when required. Being the lightest cash register, the EPOS-lite also offers the highest levels of convenience.

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What’s Innovative: The design, the concept, and the ability to update the menu instantaneously make EPOS-lite a desirable product. It also features a wireless charging option for on-the-table recharging.

Watch This: We are suckers for portability, convenience and compactness. By virtue of its design and features, the EPOS-lite makes a natural choice for the hospitality industry.

Designer: Stephen Allport, the designer of EPOS-lite, has some highly resourceful product concepts as part of his portfolio. The compact cash register is a case in point.

Via: Behance

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