Enjoy a live concert right inside the belly of the World's largest Moose!

Now, what the Swedish government has in mind when it green signaled the construction of a gigantic elk, which will house a restaurant and a concert hall to seat up to 350 guests, is unknown. Ending all speculation, the project, which has been in the pipeline for over three years, now was finally approved by the Swedish government.

worlds largest moose 1
worlds largest moose 1

Is it a way to show the world that how fond the Swedish people are of their national animal, the moose or the elk? However, it sounds like we will soon have a new wonder to talk about.

Known as the 'Stoorn', or the big elk in local language, the gigantic 45-meter high wood elk will be placed on top of a mountain in northern Sweden. Its spectacular antlers will help people enjoy the great valleys of north Sweden. While trying to give it a very natural look, the elk will be shown eating its breakfast from a large pine tree, with its front legs placed in Norrbotten county and the back at the Vasterbotten. Making it even more quixotic, the staircase will be spiraled up the elk's legs. There will be lifts for lifting people from the tree trunk to the elk's mouth. The restaurant will be placed inside the mouth of the giant elk and the concert hall will be placed at the belly of the elk.

Ever thought about having a meal inside someone else's mouth? And think about enjoying a live concert in the belly of an animal? Do you still have your body and soul together? Pinch yourself!

Source: Metro

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